Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Leaning Tower of Paris

        The leaning tower of Pisa is famous because it leans. Although the tower is designed to be vertical, it started to lean during its construction.  The Pisa tower was built to show the rest of the world the wealth of Pisa.  Back then, the people of Pisa had conquered many lands including Jerusalem,  Carthago, Ibiza, Mallorca, Africa, Belgium, and many more; but they only had one "real enemy":  the people of Florence.  To show Florence how well they were doing, they decided to build a very useless tower near the Cathedral, Baptistery, and Cemetry.

           Construction on the tower began in 1173 but was interfered with the war with Florence.  After that, they continued to build the tower in 1180.  In 1185, they had finished the first, second, and the third floor.  Again, it was interfered with the war of Florence.  This was when the tower started to lean and when they went back to build it,
It was already the leaning tower of Pisa.

         After 10 years of the building leaning, the building had leaned a little lesser.  The aim was to move the tower to its highest point 45 cm, restoring the tilt.  The solution to save the tower is to extract soil from below the high side.  The tower leans at 5.5 degrees from the vertical, and the aim is to bring it back half a degree. The last bid to save the tower, in 1995, actually made things worse. It lurched forward suddenly during excavations around its base.

       All in all, the leaning tower of Pisa is in the process of saving the damage.  The experts say that the tower will collapse completely within twenty years, and so, fixing it is also a risk.  Experts are trying to find other solutions to fix the leaning tower of Pisa, although they have lost millions of dollars in tourist revenue each year since the internal stairway leading to the top of the tower was closed to the people for safety reasons. Although it's famous, the tower is needed to be fixed.


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